"By Our Efforts We Shall Rise"

Archival site for the
Bend High class of 1958
Bend Oregon

    No member will be forgotten, and all left their mark.

    Teachers thought some would end up in prison. The authorities could never
    catch us, but we never did anything destructive or evil. Our parents and
    town folk shook their heads and kind of looked the other way and all in all
    were a bit proud of our spunk and moxie.  

    But from this group emerged extraordinary mothers and fathers, nurses,
    attorneys, artists, teachers, musicians, business owners, military leaders,
    computer technicians, scientists, and plain old hard working people.  
    Thankfully none became politicians.

    Bend High thrived because of us. The world is better because of us.  Our
    history is written and will never be forgotten.

    Our class motto: “By Our Efforts We Shall Rise”

    March 31, 2021
This is the historical and archive site for the graduates of
Bend High School, Class of 1958, Bend Oregon.

    To the class of 1958

    The journey has come to an end classmates, not because we wanted it
    to, but because technology left us behind.  Years back, at an  All Class
    Reunion in Bend, our esteem class president Bill Brennan asked if
    anyone knew anything about building websites.  I, not remembering the
    first rule of the Army, “don't volunteer for anything”, raised my hand.  
    Now, all these years later, you and I have created a wonderful history of
    the BHS class of 1958. I am proud of what we have created and want to
    take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to send me
    photos, newspaper clippings and all sorts of information that will remain
    archived for the world to see.  Next time you feel a little low, grab a cup
    of coffee, get in front of your device of choice and bring up the
    website, go into any of the archive pages and just start looking at the
    trove of photos in front of you.  You can click on them to see them
    larger if desired, and enjoy our journey together.  I think you will smile
    and maybe even get a little tear in your eye.  
    Thank you my lifelong friends.......

    Retired Webmaster

Turn your speakers on.
Turn your speakers on and take a minute to listen to the music (Hooked on Swing)
all the way to the end.  You will feel the class of 1958 in your heart.  
Bend Lava Bears
"Chuck Walk"
Oil 36 x 24