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CLASS OF 1958         
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50th reunion and looking good.
Our 45th reunion.
Our 40th reunion picture.  
10th reunion.  Oh my goodness!
When we were babies
and having babies.
55th reunion.
You can't slow down a 58er.

Reunions 2018

OK, it's official.  The vote is in and the Slack summer reunion for the class of 58 will be held on
1st Saturday of August, this year and every year after until the Slacks yell Uncle.  Put it on
your calendar for
August 4th, 2018 for this year.   No excuses excepted as you have a whole year
August 4th, 2018  11:00 to 5:00
All Class Reunion and part of our 60th reunion
The All-Class reunion will be at Larkspur Park on Reed-Market Rd. and 15th St next to the senior
center, food will start at 11:00 AM.

The party/reunion will be held the first Saturday after Labor-day. Bring your drinks and chairs.  Bend
Alumni association will have no host food available or bring your own picnic basket.

Come and visit with 58ers and people
from classes before and after 1958.

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Have information to share with the class or want to correct information on the roster? ..... Got current or
old photos? ...... Do you have information on a lost classmate? ..... Just want to say hello, yell at me, or
whatever.  Email is the program of choice.  LANZ or Billy
Class Roster & Data Base

You need the NAME and PASSWORD to get into the Class Roster.  
This is for your protection.   Email me if you need this information  (see below).

Pine murmurs 2018

58ers....  DO IT HERE.
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ROSTER LIST last update  2-26-18
Changes made in Roster since last printing will be in red !!!!

ROSTER LIST  last printed  2-25-18
Print list available on Roster page.

                 60th CLASS REUNION

    Just an update on reunion,
    1.   Larkspur park has been reserved for 09/08/18 for $88.00.
    2.  Ten Barrel Brewing has been reserved for 09/07/18 for a deposit of $300.00.
    3.  The Riverhouse has been reserved for 09/08/18 for a deposit of $500.00.
      The next deposit is due on 03/08/18 for $1000.00.
    4.  The balance in our bank account as of today is $2,663.89.

    OK class, we are starting to put the money out there for the class reunion.  By the end of
    April, first of May, you will be receiving a letter with the amount due for each person to
    attend these functions.  Those of you that have signed up should send in the fee or the fee
    times 2 if spouse is attending.   The reunion committee will do a better job explaining
    everything in said letter but the key will be to react swiftly so that we don't overdraw our
    bank account.  Start thinking about room reservations for these dates.  Riverhouse will be
    holding a few rooms for us but lots of options in our old home town.  Webmaster
Sept 7th, 8th & 9th .... 2018
9th of September 2017.


    Betty Lou Barnett
    Barbara Consford (Pittman)
    Wilda Cottingham
    Robert Douglass
    Jim Feser
    Peggy Fronabarger
    Larrence IIams
    Linda Lively (Garcia)
    Gary Lee Nickel
    Jeff Stoddard
    Dana Storey
    Frank Thomason
    Frank Wilbanks
    Lawrence Williams

    Don't leave your
    classmates in the Toilet!
    Find them and report in.

Please note!

I'm trying real hard to keep the class email list and data base
up to date.  Check the Roster (above) and make sure your
data is there and correct.  Email me any changes.

Classmates with email address that are returned to me.
Contact me with correction if you can.

Thank you   Webmaster                   Elaine Glass                Jo Ann Sprankle
Sept 8th 2018
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You Send Me
Another of my favorite photos that I have to share.
I was doing some house cleaning this month and came across these items.
Do you remember Bill Bebout?  While I was working as a photographer at the Bend Bulletin,
it seems I was offered a huge payday for one of my pictures but slept through  the offer.  
Bill has passed on now but had a very successful career in journalism.

Below is letter Bill gave me for possible shots for Saturday paper for some tournament that
was going on..  He had a really funny sense of humor as you will note.
This is perseverance.
Rabbit or Duck?
See the word?
Italian psychologist Gaetano Kanizsa developed this
visual illusion where the white triangle is perceived,
but it’s the surrounding shapes that trick us into
thinking it is there.
Each black and white line is a complete circles.  
Don't believe me trace one and see.
Get out of here.
Both middle circles are the same size.  Oh yea!
Post or people?
Stare at the bottom yellow dot and watch the others go away.
Horizontal lines are straight.
Both items are the same size.

Click  here if you don't believe me
Stare at the + sign and watch green dots appear.
OK I give.