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                               July monthly issue

Sailin the wind
Pine murmurs 2018

Since all of you still shop from the Sears catalog I know you're not up-to-date on the latest fashions
and makeup, so here are some photos to bring you current with the world.  
You can probably buy these styles on Ebay.

Come on, do I have to explain Ebay too?
Just a couple more Walmart shots and I
will stop this nonsense for awhile.
Here is  some weird stuff but not as weird as
Walmart.  No way.
And finally the jokes.
Far Side jokes to be exact.
Come on guys, draw the line.
So you go to the dog breeder to get a puppy and they say,
"you have the pick of the litter".
So you select the cutest little runt cause all his brothers and
sisters are walking all over him.
a couple of years later you wonder.
What in the hell happened.
True story and yes this is one of the puppies that came from that litter.

And while working in your garden, you come across
this little beauty.
So what, you ask.

Well after you calm down, you go to your local burger joint
and you buy this off the menu.
     Tarantula burger special sold at North Carolina restaurant has legs

Hungry customers began calling Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, North Carolina, last month asking
for its famous tarantula burgers.

The restaurant has been serving the eight-legged dish for the past three years during "Exotic Meat Month"
— and this year will be no different.

Seth Gross, owner of Bull City Burger and Brewery, began introducing exotic food, including elk, crickets
and chocolate-covered bugs, to the menu about seven years ago.

"He was just looking at what kind of food trends are out there and how people in other parts of the world eat
— how they get their protein," Megan Cindrich, self-described "media maven" at Bull City Burger and
Brewery, told Fox News. "He thought, 'Why not have the tarantula?'"

Thus, three years ago, the "Tarantula Challenge" was born.

Throughout the month of April, "adventurous" customers can enter a raffle to eat the unique burger with a
side of "dirty fries" for $30. Once your name is picked, you have 48 hours to respond and arrange a date and
time to come in.

"Should you be unable to call within the two-day period to claim your tarantula, it will be returned to the
spider burrow and raffled off to another lucky winner," rules on the restaurant's website read.
Anyone who completes the challenge is given a free T-shirt with the restaurant's logo on it.

"There's no age limit, so it's really for an adventurous kid that likes to try new things — like kids that are
eating spiders or ants already," Cindrich said.

The exclusive beef burger is topped with gruyere cheese, oven-roasted tarantula and spicy chili sauce. The
tarantulas are "free-ranged" and certified edible, Cindrich explained.

Everyone has a unique way of consuming the large burger.

"One person took the tarantula off the burger, dipped it in ketchup and just popped it in there," Cindrich said.
The tarantula burger tastes like a crustacean, Cindrich described. It's crablike — salty but bitter, though the
chili sauce adds a bit of heat to it.

The "Tarantula Challenge" will continue through the end of the month. So far six people have participated,
with several more scheduled to come in.

And these bazaar photos captured with a trail cam.
Who knew?
Flying squirrel having some fun.
Buffalo Uber
A day at the spa
You should see the other guy
Racoon slumber party
Hey!  Wait your turn
Uh, I don't know either
Other guy
Over confidence
I'm betting on the Bald Eagle