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             Message from the family of Dick Burse

    Dick Burse died late afternoon on September 7, following a difficult couple
    of weeks in the ICU after having emergency surgery for a perforated bowel.

    Dick had asked that there be no service, and we are honoring his request.
    However, in the future, we may have a gathering to celebrate his life,
    and we hope that his friends (past and present) will be able to join us.

    His family hopes that the people whose lives he touched will enjoy the
    memories of the times they shared with him, and they greatly appreciate the
    outpouring of love and support they have been receiving.
We cry again for another
classmate who has left us.
RIP Robyn.  We miss you and know that
you are in a better place.  The class is
praying for your family that they be at
peace also.

    From: Khchase@aol.com

    Dear Lanz,

    You may have already heard that Robyn Chapman Thompson died either today or last night. I just
    saw a post on Facebook from her niece. I don't know any details. I know that she has been on
    oxygen for more than a year. Maybe Barb Stokoe or Pat King Wambaugh know more.

    I'm having a tough time with losing all these friends, but I know it is our age and will continue to


    From: Barbara Stokoe

    Got a note from her niece, service Saturday at 1:00 at Wellspring church in Roseberg.  
    That's her church.

Our thoughts and prayers to Sally and all of the Burse family.  Sally
if you need anything the class stands ready to help.

                                             Notes from classmates to remember Robyn

Bob...thanks so much for always letting us know.  I tried to send this to the entire class but it wouldn't go because
one of the e mail addresses is "undeliverable"....this has happened before.

Robyn and I lived together for the three years we attended nursing school at GSH. Lots of great memories.  We
have stayed in touch and spent an afternoon together a few months ago.  She has had serious respiratory
problems for several years, but didn't allow that to keep her down.  Her spirits were so good considering
everything and she even continued to teach water aerobics  while attached to her oxygen tank.  Fortunately, her
husband Don was a respiratory therapist and she was able to remain at home most of the time.  Her Christian faith
was very important to her.

Ironically, our 55th GSH reunion was yesterday.  Everyone asked about Robyn.  She will be missed by so many.

Thanks again,
Marj Sell Cole

Thanks Lanz. I don't recall seeing Robyn at any of our re-unions but I remember her well from grade school on
up. Always cheerful and a big smile. Our prayers go out to her loved ones.

I am so sorry to hear this. My prayers for the family.   It is always sad  to hear of a classmate leaving us. RIP.     

                                  Robyn Gayle Chapman Thompson
    Robyn went home to be with Jesus on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Her Celebration of Life is this
    Saturday, September 17, 2016, at 1 p.m. at Wellspring Bible Fellowship.

    Robyn was born December 27, 1939, in Bend to Frank and Kathleen Chapman. She graduated from
    Good Samaritan Nursing Program in 1961, and later earned her MSN, teaching nurses for 24 years at
    UCC. She married Don Thompson in 1977, and together they raised four children.

    She is survived by her husband, Don; children Kirsten Gorham, Chris Hart, Julie Hepburn and Terry
    Bancroft; 10 grandchildren, five great-grandchildren; sister, Karen Smith; and numerous nieces and